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Fault Finding and Repairs

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Electrical Faults Are a Safety Hazard
Electrical faults are a health and safety hazard and could be putting your life in danger. Whether in the home or work environment, electrical faults put people at risk of electrocution and electrical fire. AA electricians are highly skilled in the practice of electrical fault finding and will locate your fault quickly and with minimal disruption to your routine.Problems must be solved by replacing only defective equipment or components in the least amount of time. One of the most important factors in doing this, is the approach used. An expert troubleshooter uses a system or approach that allows them to logically and systematically analyze a circuit and determine exactly what is wrong.
Fault Location Strategy and Diagnosis
Firstly we design and implement a fault location strategy, and then we explain the fault diagnosis and circuit system fault to you in full detail. If you have an open circuit, short circuit or electronic system fault we will apply an efficient diagnosis and effective solution to the problem.
At AA Electrical Services we utilise the following fault finding strategy:
Analyse the symptoms of the electrical fault(s).DEFINE THE PROBLEM
Determine the type of electrical fault: open circuit, short circuit, insulation breakdown.DETERMINE THE PROBABLE CAUSE AND SOLUTION
Design the most effective and efficient strategy to solve the problem.

Explain to the customer in English, and not gobbledy gook, exactly what needs fixing and the budget required.

REPAIR AND TEST (then follow up)
Carry out the work with minimal disruption to the customer’s environment.

Fault Finding Expertise
Don’t put your family or your staff at risk by ignoring electrical faults. Call AA Electrical Services today and take action towards securing the safety of your home or work environment. All AA electricians are fully qualified in fault finding and fully insured in implementing suitable repair work.

Lamp replacement – internal and external

Design and replacement/repair of switchgear, contactors and resistors

We employ reliable professionals who are trained to deal with all aspects of electrical faults. AA Electrical Services is a reputable installation, repair and maintenance service company covering the South East area. Our team of electricians provides you with maintenance of your electrical installation and appliances as well as a fast and reliable breakdown service. Recognising current British standards, our electrical engineers are NICEIC registered, Part P accredited and qualified to 17th edition standard, as certified by the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE). This enables us to offer the highest levels of professional service to you.