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Installing or fitting an electric cooker must be done on its own circuit. An electric cooker cannot be spurred of any other circuit and must be controlled by its own fuse at the consumer unit. For this reason, if this is a new installation it counts as installing a new circuit and is forbidden by any other than a Part P qualified electrician.

Electric cookers draw huge amounts of current because of the heat they need to produce so a larger fuse is required as is thicker cable and a double pole isolating switch. Usually when a switch is installed it interrupts the live wire of the circuit. The switch breaks the connection in the live wire. An Isolator is a heavy duty double pole switch disconnecting the live and the neutral is broken so there is no fear of any residual current causing a shock when the switch is off.

Because of the amount of energy that the cooker or oven can use it is always on its own circuit and the cable comes from the consumer unit, via an isolator (or switch), to the cooker. Because of the current the cooker draws the cable is not run back to the consumer unit as in a ring main, so the cooker circuit is on a radial circuit.

The incoming mains is wired into this isolator switch which ideally will be sited to one side of the cooker (so you do not have to lean over the cooker to turn on and off in case of emergencies) and about 300mm above the worktop.

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