MHI Wall mounted system 5.0kw R32 – Diamond Inverter

An attractive, well designed, high-end wall mounted unit meets outstanding energy efficiency, receiving Europe`s highest seasonal energy rating (A+++) in both cooling & heating. Eco-Operation and Auto-Off are new energy saving features in this ‘Silver A’ Design Award system.

The new leaf shaped grille not only saves energy but also makes the units quieter compared to previous models.

Jet technology provides superior airflow that can reach up to 17m which is ideal for increased comfort in homes and shops. Double flaps optimise the air flow increasing the air throw when in cooling and increasing the downward air flow when in heating. This improves room conditions.

The Hyper units offer the highest level of efficiency and feature state of the art inverter motors for maximum energy savings.

Standard Features: Auto restart, 24hr on/off programmable timer, sleep timer, economy mode function, eco mode, auto off facility, self clean function.

Notes: Wi-Fi available as an accessory.

This model is the pure white colour version.

Max piping length30 m
Sound pressure level cooling (high / medium / low)44 / 39 / 31 dBA
Sound pressure level heating (high / medium / low)46 / 41 / 33 dBA
Cooling capacity5.0 kW
Heating capacity6.0 kW
Power Consumption (cooling/heating)1.24 / 1.36 kW
Power supply220-240/1/50 V/Ph/Hz
Max height difference (outdoor is higher/lower)20 / 20 mtrs
Sound pressure level (OU)51 / 49 dBA
Dimensions (H x W x D) (OU)643 x 800 x 290 mm
Weight (OU)45 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) (IU)305 x 920 x 220 mm
Weight (IU)13 kg
Max current15,0 A
Refrigerant pipe size (I)1/4 – 1/2 Inch
Refrigerant pipe size (M)6.35 – 12.7 mm
Air flow cooling (low/medium/high)7.8 / 12.4 / 14.3 l/s
Air flow heating (low/medium/high)9.8 / 14.3 / 17.3 l/s