Part P Electrical Safety

AA Electrical services is a part P compliant contractor

So what does ‘part p’ mean – What is part P?
Part P is a jargon word used in the building industry when referring to some new regulations introduced in 2005. The purpose of these new regulations was to protect home owners and businesses from substandard work being carried out.

What does Part P state?
The Part P requirement in the new regulations states that “Reasonable provision shall be made in the design and installation of electrical installations in order to protect persons operating, maintaining or altering the installations from fire or injury.”

What does Part P mean for home owners?
Part P should mean that electrical installations must be safe and not likely to cause injury to person or property.

What work does Part P apply to?
Part P applies to fixed electrical installations in homes (which includes gardens and shared amenities in blocks of flats).

What checks and certifications are there?
For Part P work, qualified electricians have to be independently assessed and certified as competent to carry out the work. Once assessed Electrical Contractors can submit the inspection certificates directly to Building Control, to confirm the work meets Building Regulations.

What Happens if you Ignore Part P?
Electrical Safety is a life and death issue and it is important that electrical alterations are carried out safely. Compliance with the Building Regulations is a legal requirement and ignoring the Regulations can result in the electrician and the householder being prosecuted. As well as this when the house goes up for Sale the purchaser’s solicitor is likely to require Certificates for any electrical alterations carried out in the property. If the Certificates are not available the house sale is likely to fall through or the value of the property is likely to be reduced.