Power Showers & Pumps

For those who don’t know, a powershower is a bathroom showering system that uses a water pump to increase the water pressure coming out of the shower. This results in a more enjoyable showering experience compared to one that just runs offs mains water pressure.

There are three main types of power shower configuration used inside most homes. They differ in the type and placement of pump in the shower system. The three main types are built-in, single impeller and double impeller pumps.

The built-in pump combines the mixing valve (where you mix the amounts of hot and cold water together) and the pump together in a unit which is mounted on the wall inside of the shower enclosure itself. However, a lot of people want something sleeker and better looking. So this is where the impeller pumps come into action.

A single impeller shower pump is placed between the mixer and the shower head, often mounted inside of the wall. It’s not a very common option due to double impeller pumps costing not much more. However, the pump is fed the mixture of hot and cold water from the mixer and then pumps it straight to the shower head.

The double impeller pump is the main choice for most properties. Just one double impeller can power multiple showers and is placed before the mixer. It is fed both hot and cold water directly from the water tanks and maintains a high pressure into the mixer or any other water outlets such as taps.