towel rail

Towel Rails

The benefits of heated towel rails in the bathroom for most people need not to be mentioned. The idea of stepping out of a steaming hot bath and then wrapping yourself in really warm bathrobe which only adds to the relaxation effect or keeping towels dry and fresh if you have a really big family nowadays should be a must. But the advantages of an “Electric Towel Rail”, over one that takes the place of the conventional bathroom radiator and is attached to the homes central heating system, are sometimes too quickly skipped over when the bathroom is redesigned.

Let’s face it when the warmer weather is here and the central heating is off what happens then to the towels that the kids have used after their days swimming or just because it’s summer don’t I deserve a warm bathrobe after my shower. And if I realise that I do deserve these little luxuries it would be too expensive or time consuming to kick the heating into gear.

Of course the perfect answer is the electric towel rail. With the flick of a switch it can be warm in minutes, even connected to timers and thermostats if required, and taking the chill off the evening or warming the towels after bath night.. Flexibility is the perfect way to describe the electric towel rail and usually a competent electrician can have one installed in a few hours. In most cases we would suggest that this project would be outside the realms of a DIY job as the newly tightened up building “Part P” regulations and the “mixing of electricity and water” scenario really needs someone who knows what they are doing.