Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning supply, Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries produce some of the best quality air conditioning units at great prices. AAES are suppliers of split and multi-split systems, floor mounted or any variation of unit.

Attractive, well designed, high-end wall mounted units meet outstanding energy efficiency, receiving Europe`s highest seasonal energy rating (A+++) in both cooling & heating. Eco-Operation and Auto-Off are new energy saving features in this ‘Silver A’ Design Award system.

The new leaf shaped grille on the wall mounted units not only saves energy but also makes the units quieter compared to previous models.

What does this unit offer for you?

Jet technology provides superior airflow that can reach up to 17m which is ideal for increased comfort in any environment, double flaps optimise the air flow increasing the air throw when in cooling and increasing the downward air flow when heating. This will improve room conditions for our customers all year round!

The Hyper units offer the highest level of efficiency and feature state of the art inverter motors for maximum energy savings.

Standard Features:

  • Wi-Fi control so you can see the exact status of your unit wherever you have Internet access
  • Auto restart
  • 24hr on/off programmable timer
  • Sleep timer
  • Economy mode function
  • Eco mode
  • Auto off facility
  • Self-clean function

Notes: Wi-Fi available as an accessory.

Still Unsure?

Cost effective heating and cooling solutions are one of the key aspects of future proofing any environment. The document below will give you some information on the technicalities and specification of the just some of the units we offer:

A Breakdown

Essentially all the old air conditioning systems used gas called R410A and the new gas which is less harmful to the ozone layer is R32.

A single split unit serves one indoor unit whilst multi-split unit serves two or more. You can have a total of five running off one system. So we install one box on the outside of your home and can offer the services of five internally. (Conditions do apply though, but we will explain these to you should this be of interest)

Commonly, air conditioning is used to cool a room however the units we install can also provide a cost effective solution to heating a room. They also have integrated filters so as the air is being drawn through, the filter cleans it ensuring that the air coming out is cleaner than the air going in.

These units have a very good energy coefficient of between 3.5 to 4.5 which means that from one unit of electricity, they produce 3.5 to 4.5 times the heat or cold energy output.

So they are very economical as both heating and cooling and are the primary mechanism for all heat pumps that have taken the country by storm for ecological reasons.

Certainly as we are experiencing warmer temperatures, now is the time to move forward by introducing air-conditioning to your home.

Pros & Cons

There are two downsides to air conditioning systems:

  1. The initial cost
  2. The need to clean the filter periodically

The upsides:

  • If you use an air conditioner on a daily basis, you are likely to recoup your initial outlay in little over one year.
  • In relation to the filter, not only is it cleaning the air that you breathe, but it is a user-friendly part where you just take it out, vacuum it and reinstall.
  • The finer particulate or hypoallergenic filters do need to be replaced but these are easily sourced and replaceable by the user.