It all started with the computer. As people became comfortable with, and indeed dependent, on the machine’s ability to help manage their personal and professional lives, it wasn’t long before a second or third PC joined the family. At first, homeowners simply doled out the cash to buy each computer its own printer, scanner and other peripherals. Assigning each PC a different system is certainly a fine setup, but there is a more economical and efficient way to give every computer access to a set of peripherals.And especially now with technology advancing the way it is most households will have at least one very powerful main desktop computer in the home office, mainly for handling things that need high speed and lots of memory such as editing the bulk of their photos and family videos or even home web sites etc. Then they will probably have a laptop which they take to work or school and which they can easily use from their armchair or sofa and yet again will still require access to other home systems as well as the internet. 

On top of that the new tablet PC’s that are becoming more of an everyday item as well as the new range of Smart Phones all need internet access not to mention access to a printer and scanner and other household computers. Networking systems effectively tie together an assortment of home office products so they can communicate seamlessly even if they are located many rooms apart.

All this and you mustn’t forget that the flat screen tv in the lounge is streeming vidoes form the internet as well as the new range of internet linked DAB radios that are accessing radio stations from around the world.

Because networking systems are so easily obtained and fairly inexpensive, many owners of multi-PC households have successfully implemented wireless networking systems. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that setup especially for the smart phones and tablet pc’s. But according to most home systems professionals, nothing beats the performance, the reliability and the flexibility of using wire to link PCs as well as other electronic devices together. With a wired network, you won’t pick up the interference you might with a wireless networking system, plus it’s more secure.

But not any old wire will do. When many types of products – from PCs and phones to security cameras and TVs – start talking to each other, it becomes increasingly important that the wiring inside the house be well-organised, that the connections to wall outlets be well-labelled, and that the ability to modify and add components to the network be ever-present and simple. That’s why so many homebuilders, home systems installers and homeowners are now opting to install preconfigured systems of high-speed cabling, otherwise known as structured Cabling or wiring.

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