Security Lighting, Gates and Access Control

Security Lighting
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Security lighting provides an excellent deterrent against intrusions and other criminal activity on your property or building by exposing the intruder and making him/her feel vulnerable to detection. Security lighting can also help detect intruders and even make you feel more secure in knowing that you have taken physical security measures to help protect against crime in and around your home/premises.We can supply and fit a number of Security lighting that come with a variety of contoling systems ranging from a totaly manual to easy to use fully automatic systems.

Manual Security Systems.
These are as simple as they come with a manual switch turning the lights on and off as required. We would normaly have two or three switches near the front door, for example, that would control;

  • A couple of lights just beside the front door to illuminate the area for guests or to see who is there before needing to open the door.
  • Lighting along the drive and near the gate.
  • Lighting around the house and gardens, when a noise would be heard, to illuminate a potential intruder.

Dusk-til-dawn with a PIR System.

Firstly PIR stands for Passive Infa Red and in laymans terms is a system that detectsmovement. This system is the first type of automation that security lighting uses so that the light will only switch on when someone is moving around the property. Sensetivity can also be adjusted on these lights so that the light doesn’t go off every time the cat walks across the grass.

With this is then a dusk-til-dawn sensor which then will only let the security light switch on when it gets dark. This stops you wasting electrcity with the light going off all through the day. Not only that, but these lights can also have a manual over ride just in case you wanted to blast the area with light should you want to confirm the pressence of an intruder or the kids want to play floodlit footbal.

Fully Automatic Sysytems
These control systems can be programmed to cover all of the above situationsas well as switching on and off periodicaly, for instance when you are on holiday or away on business, persuading the potential intruder that there is someone still at home or activity on the premisses. These can be programmed for just the two weeks when you go on the family holiday, or programmed to work all the time especially useful if you are away on business a lot or make a few last minute getaways. Remember yet again although the programmer would switch the garden lights or drive lights on and off at certain times the dusk-til-dawn controller would only let the light switch on when it is dark.
Gate Systems and Access Control

Sliding Gates
These gates slide accross the ground on little wheels to open, the good news is that they are very reliable with non of the moving parts having a lot of stress, the bad news is that you need a fair amount of space on the wall adjacent to the gate so that the gate can slide accross.
Swing Gates
More like your traditional gates these are he most popular that we install. Easily adaptable they really make that great addition to compliment your new drive and garden wall.

Road Blockers – Rising Kerbs or Rising Bollards
Rising Kerbs are these barriers that rise up from the road to restrict entry or exit, more commonly seen in cities centers or private roads rather then a domestic drive.

Rising Bollards offer traffic control that disappears flush with ground level. Aesthetically pleasing and impassable to traffic, Rising Bollards provide a neat solution to preventing the passage of vehicles without the requirement for gates and have a minimal impact on the environment.

Bollards can be used individually enabling use of a single parking space or up to four units can run from a single control unit.

Access Control

We can advise, supply and fit a range of access systems that you may want to help secure your home.

Remote Control

The most popular access systems that we fit and supply, a remote control that you can give to all members of the family so that they can use as they wish. However, visitors will then have to phone ahead so that they can gain access etc.

Push Button Controller
These systems are simple waterproof push button system available for anyone to use as there is no security at all but in an area where it may be close to other traffic users it may be impractical for a proximity system.

Proximity Control
These systems are loops built into the tarmac that senses a vehicle approaching and then opens the gate automatically

Keypad Control
A code is entered into the keypad and the equipment opens. Safety and closing facilities can be by induction loop or photo-electric cell.

Intercom and Video System
By pressing a button on the unit, which is a buzzer to alert the main house, you as the home owner can then talk, or in the video version see, the person trying to gain entry and decide whether or not to let then in.

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