Wet Rooms

A wetroom is a waterproof room usually equipped with a shower. The room itself becomes the shower enclosure, with a drain inset into the floor replacing the conventional plastic shower tray. Because you have no shower tray you have more scope to create a room that is different in colour , layout and style.

Wetrooms needs to be tanked ( waterproofed ) and also provide a number of benefits over the traditional bathroom set up. For example, a wetroom eliminates water/moisture damage in your home, it is compatible with underfloor heating systems, it prolongs the life of the tile grout, there is need for a lip or step into the shower area with a wetroom meaning that it can be easily accessed by anyone with restricted mobility. A wetroom that is professionally tanked provides a most reassuring promise to homeowners. No more leak guarantee ! Once properly sealed, a wetroom will be impervious to any wandering water.